Producer / Writer



CEO, Director, Producer

Balazs brings over twenty years of experience to the film industry, effortlessly navigating through the vibrant art scenes of New York, Los Angeles, Delhi, Mumbai, London, Blackpool, Kiev, and Munich, thanks to his involvement in various productions.

With a background as a screenplay writer and creative ad person, Balazs has happily contributed to over 60+ productions. He's taken on roles as a director and cinematographer for more than thirty commercials and music videos, sharing his passion for storytelling through visuals.

At just 26, Balazs started dreaming up the sci-fi movie "Thelomeris," featuring Mark Hamill, and later teamed up with Jim Hanks to co-write the script for the mystery series "Two Minutes To Midnight - Atomex." His late movie "Gingerclown" proudly stands as the only Hungarian film acquired by Lionsgate Entertainment.

Beyond directing, operating the camera, and writing, Balazs is also a whiz at visual effects and post-production. He dove into 3D modeling software at 17, bringing a fresh perspective to his work.

His skills extend to 2D/3D animations, composite works, CGI supervision, lighting, and professional editing, adding a touch of magic to his cinematic journey.


Director / Producer

Producer and writer Ashley Luke Lloyd has an extensive background in the entertainment industry. In 2018, he successfully brought the musical "Mad On Her" to the stage, followed by co-writing and producing the film "Made in The Eighties." Currently, Lloyd serves as a Producer on various projects, including the film "Cult Sisters,".  

Lloyd's journey in the world of performance began at a young age, featuring in advertising commercials such as Kinder Egg. Notable early roles include playing the lead child, "Poor Baby," in Andrew Lloyd Webber's UK touring production of "Whistle Down The Wind" and portraying Michael in "Billy Elliot the Musical." Following his West End experiences, Lloyd expanded into British television with appearances in shows like "Waterloo Road," "The Royal," "Half Moon Investigations," and a role as Zak in "I Could Never Be Your Woman," alongside Michelle Pfeiffer and Saoirse Ronan.

In 2010, Lloyd played Mark in the revival of "A Chorus Line" at The Lowry, Manchester, and later appeared in "So You Think You Can Dance." He made his mark on the big screen with the leading role in the film "Gingerclown 3D" (2013), alongside Tim Curry, Sean Young, and Lance Henriksen. Lloyd further showcased his talent in theatrical productions such as "Loserville: The Musical" and as Eddie in the international tour of "Mamma Mia!" Continuing his stage presence, Lloyd played Kit in Alan Menken's "A Christmas Carol" at the Blackpool Opera House and joined the European tour of Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Jesus Christ Superstar." After touring, he returned to South Korea for Leicester Curve's production of "Legally Blonde," headlining the DIMF festival. Lloyd made a triumphant return to the West End, joining the cast of "Dreamgirls" at the Savoy Theatre.

Glória Halász, a highly regarded Hungarian director, is celebrated for her impactful contributions to films such as "Three Dances", "Alla Zingara," and "What a Circus?" Her creative focus often delves into the performing arts, where she unveils behind-the-scenes secrets and intricacies by portraying individual paths and destinies.

As a director, Glória has crafted impactful full-length documentaries that have earned recognition at international film festivals. Notably, "Rupa's Boutique" (2017), a poignant exploration of Indian women who survived acid attacks, earned her the Grand Jury Award at the United Nations Association Film Festival.

Glória has lent her creative touch to notable projects such as the closing film for the FINA World Championships, the introductory film for the world-renowned Circus Krone in Munich, and the post-production work for "Who Cares About Pal Frank," which garnered attention even in New York

Beyond her documentary achievements, Glória boasts an impressive portfolio of creative commercials, image films, and music videos. Her work has taken her to numerous countries, enriching her with diverse experiences and perspectives. Alongside her directorial pursuits, Glória also actively engages as a producer, contributing to the overall creative process.


Director of Business development, India

Praaful is a seasoned producer and 3D animation expert, brings several years of professional experience in the fields of design and engineering.

He has utilized his expertise in multinational corporations such as AECOM (NYSE: ACM). Serving as one of the producers for the film 'Rupa's Boutique, Praaful has been actively involved in coordinating post-production and filming for numerous productions in the Indian media industry

He has worked in several Indian and international advertisements as a creative professional and animation supervisor.

As of 2023, he holds the position of Director of Business Development for Cinelabyrinth's operations in India / New Delhi.


Sound director / Lead sound egineer  

After completing his studies at the University of Theatre and Film Arts, Gábor became the lead sound engineer for numerous top-notch TV series and film productions. Within his own studio, he gained extensive experience as a unique supervisor and sound designer in the field of post-production. He has worked on international productions, spanning from Canada to England and all the way to Russia. His short films, feature films, and documentaries have been showcased at various international festivals, including the Berlin Film Festival and the Cannes Film Festival.